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Catawba Rental Company, Inc. d/b/a Catawba Truck Rental was founded in 1966 as a 'Full Service' leasing company whose home base is in the heart of the Catawba Valley. We were founded on the concept of supplying our customers with the utmost in quality truck services at the lowest possible price. Today, we strive even more to accomplish this goal. Our lease programs are tailored specifically to meet your company's financial and transportation needs. You know your transportation costs, and more importantly, your capital and personnel are more productively utilized in the operation of your business.

Modern terminal facilities are designed to repair, service, and safety inspect every tractor, trailer, and straight truck in our leasing operation. The Claremont and Hickory facilities are centrally located for your convenience. The Claremont facility is open 24 Hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, we have a nationwide toll free number to insure quick response to any problem.

Systematic inspections and maintenance programs are designed to eliminate costly breakdowns on the road and to increase the life efficiency of the vehicle. This insures the timely delivery of your product and the safety of your driver and cargo for a longer period of time.

We apply the knowledge and experience we have gathered over the past four decades to tailor every unit to your individual situation. We analyze, recommend, and implement what is best and most economical for your business.

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